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Giger's first endeavor into the realm of visual media was a short black & white film called High and Heimkiller. This eleven minute film was the first glimpse the world would have at this innovator of dark surrealism. Unfortunately, acquiring any of Giger's work before Alien is extremely difficult. 

Alien earned him an Academy Award and international acclaim. This put Giger in the world spotlight for the first time, and concurrently revolutionized science fiction, fantasy, and horror artwork and creature design. If you take a look at today's monsters and sci-fi horror landscapes, you can see Giger's influence in almost all of them (For instance: the Borg and their ship form STTNG). Giger has done interviews, making of... specials, short films, music videos, major motion pictures, and more. He has been involved in almost every aspect of filmmaking.

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Giger Filmography
(Movies, Documentaries, Television, and Theater)

1967 High and Heimkiller
Run Time: 11 min.
Director: H.R. Giger
Producer: H.R. Giger and F.M. Murer


Swiss Made 2069
Run time: 45 min.
Director: F.M. Murer, HR. Giger
Producer: Giorgio Frapolli


Early Morning
Summary: Zurich Theater Stage Setting


Run Time: 50 min.
Producer: F.M.Murer
Summary: Documentary about Giger made for WDR Television (West Germany/ Switzerland)
1973 Tagtraum
Run Time: 28 min.
Producer: J.J. Wittmer
Summary: About an encounter between artists C. Sandoz, W. Wegmueller, and Giger
1975 Giger's Necronomicon
Run Time: 40 min.
Producer/Director: J.J. Wittmer
Summary: Documentary about the work of H.R. Giger between 1972- '75
1976 Dune
Run Time: 137 min.
David Lynch
Giger's Harkonnen designs for David Lynch's epic film were not used allegedly due to time constraints.
1977 The Second Celebration of the Four
Run Time: 5 min.
Director: J.J. Wittmer,  H.R. Giger
1979 Alien *
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Giger's Alien
Run Time: 34 min.
Director: J.J. Wittmer, H.R. Giger
Summary: Documentary about Giger's work on Alien, with Mia Bonzanigo

1980 The Tourist
Writer: Claire Noto
Details: Giger created a number of alien creature designs for this film, however,
the movie was never made.
1981 H.R.Giger's Dream Quest
Run Time: 40 min.
Producer: Robert Kopuit
Summary: Giger Interview and Animations

Koo Koo
Run Time: 6 min.
Producer: H.R. Giger
Summary: Promotional/Music video for Debbie Harry (Blondie)

Backfired (Debbie Harry Music Video)
Run Time: 4:52
Production: Chrysalis Records Limited
Director: H.R.Giger

Now I Know You Know (Debbie Harry Music Video)
Run Time: 5:31
Production: Chrysalis Records Limited
Director: H.R.Giger

The Intruder Within a.k.a. The Lucifer Rig
Run Time: 91 min.
Director: Peter Carter
Writer: Ed Waters
Creature Design: H.R. Giger
Summary: Oil drillers on a rig near Antarctica unearth a prehistoric egg. When it hatches, an ancient evil is released, and the drillers must stop the death and destruction.

1982 A New Face of Debbie Harry
Run Time: 30. min.
Director: H.R. Giger
Producer: F.M. Murer
Summary: Documentary about Debbie Harry's career.
1985 Future Kill
Director: Ronald W. Moore
Writer: Ronald W. Moore, Edwin Neal
Details: Film Poster designed by H.R. Giger
1986 Aliens *
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Poltergeist 2 *
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1987 The Occult Experience
Details: Narrated by H.R. Giger
1988 The Train
Production: Carolco 
Director: Ridley Scott
Details: This movie was never made, but some of the designs were used in the Species movie.
1989 Teito Monogatari, a.k.a Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (USA)
Run Time: 135 min. (USA)
Director: Takashige Ichise
Writer: Hiroshi Aramata, Kaizo Hayashi
Summary: The nefarious Kato's hatred of Tokyo leads him to invoke demons to decimate the city. His primary goal is to raise the warrior Masakado. Only Keiko, the beautiful spirit warrior, can stop him from destroying Tokyo.
1990 Dead Star
Production: Imperial Entertainment
Director: William Malone
Details:  This movie was never made. Later, this production evolved into the 1995 motion picture Supernova
1992 Alien³*
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Alien I-III
Producer: Paul Bernard
Studio: CBS / 20th Century Fox
Summary: TV Documentary about Giger's work on the Alien Series

Dark Seed
Producer: Harald Seeley
Writer: Mike Cranford, Mike Dawson (III), Harald Seeley, Lennard Feddersen
Synopsis: A man cursed with recurring nightmares moves into a Victorian house in an oddly quiet town. When he receives the missing piece to a broken mirror in the house, it opens a gateway to a strange dimension. Giger designed all of the artwork for the dark world

Summary: Giger's contribution to Unsolved Secrets, a German TV show, was this occult short.

Wall to Wall
Summary: A documentary by the BBC featuring an interview with Giger.

Giger's Passage to the I d
Run Time:
30 min.
Producer: Atro Lahtela, Juhani Nurmi
Summary: Documentary for Finnish TV

Summary: A BBC Interview with H.R. Giger about Alien director Ridley Scott.

Sex, Drugs, And Giger
Run Time:
5 min.
Producer: Sandra Beretta, Baetsch
Summary: Animated short film featuring images from H.R.Giger.

1993 Brother to Shadows, the Alien World of H.R. Giger
Producer: Morpheus International, James R. Cowan, Clara Hoericht-Frame
Summary:  Giger Documentary
1994 Hide Your Face
Production: MCA Victor
Art Direction: Tetsuya Kameyama
Details: Masks designed by H.R.Giger
1995 Species*
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Dark Seed II
Director: Michael Hiebert
Writer: Raymond Benson
Summary: Mike Dawson returns home to Texas in order to recover from a breakdown due to his first experience in the Dark World. From the parallel-dimension, his enemies the Ancients have carried out a murder in the real world for which Mike is the prime suspect, and plotted to spread evil throughout the land. Giger is credited with creating the Dark World Art Library.

Run Time: 6:04 min.
Air Date: 04/08/1995
Producer: Max Sieber
Summary: Ballet performance with 5 dancers in a 3-D set of Giger pictures - made for DRS, Swiss TV.

1996 Kondom des Grauens a.k.a. Killer Condom (1999, USA)
Run Time: 107
Director: Martin Walz
Writer: Ralf König
Creative Consultant: H.R. Giger
1997 (Clive Barker's) A-Z of Horror
Director: Ursula Macfarlane (BBC)
Details: Features an interview with Giger

Alien: Resurrection *
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1998 Species II *
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1999 The Alien Legacy
68 min.
Director: Michael Matessino
Genre: Documentary
Summary: Made 20 years after the release of Alien (1979) and features previously unreleased material from that film. Included in The Alien Legacy DVD Box Set.
2001 Alien Evolution
Run Time: 75 min.
Director: Andrew Abbott, Russell Leven
Summary: A documentary tribute to the Alien series featuring interviews with the cast members and directors, including Sigourney Weaver, Ridley Scott, and H.R. Giger.
2002 The Alien Saga
Run Time: 109 min.
Brent Zacky
Summary: This award-winning, feature-length documentary explores the dark, nightmarish world of the popular series with compelling interviews, never-before-seen outtakes and extensive highlights from all four big-screen incarnations.
2003 The Making of Alien3
Run Time: 161 min.
Director: Charles de Lauzirika
Summary: The creation of the film Alien³ (1992) is covered here in this feature-length documentary in exhaustive detail. Many interviews with the cast and crew give us an idea of how hard of a time David Fincher had creating his first feature film, as well as present us with much information about every element that went into making this film, including how the plot and script changed drastically through filming.

The Beast Within: The Making of Alien 
Run Time: 178 min.
Director: Charles de Lauzirika
This made-for-DVD documentary treats horror and science fiction film fans to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Alien. Features interviews with director Ridley Scott and master designer H.R. Giger, as well as with star Sigourney Weaver and other members of the cast and crew, who share their experiences from working on the project and discuss the special efforts that went into bringing it all together.

2004 AVP: Alien Vs. Predator *
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Species III *
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