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H.R. Giger continually amazes, invoking a deranged specter from a shadow world that seems strangely parallel to our own murky unconscious. In this Tarot set, Giger chooses 22 of his previously published works to represent the major Arcana. Make no mistake- the result is a new perspective, highly stylized and altogether breathtaking in its appeal to the more nightmarish aspects of existence. With this set, accompanied by an insightful and oft-times surprisingly adroit analyses, it is a must have for anyone interested in great art and the symbolism of the tarot. Whether your interest lies primarily in tarot sets or Giger's fantastical art, it will appeal to you regardless of the particular axiom to which you subscribe. These cards may well spark some creativity in those who want to visit new realms of thought as well.     

--Chiron, WI

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The Deck

The Fool - Pumpexcursion 1

The Magician - Spiegelbild

The High Priestess - The Spell II The Empress - Li II The Emperor - Safari The Hierophant - Chidher Grün
0 The Fool
Pumpexcursion 1; Work no. 610 (100 x 70) 1977
I The Magician
Spiegelbild; Work no. 344 (100 x 70) 1977
II The High Priestess
The Spell II (Teil); Work no. 238  (240 x 420) 1974
III The Empress
Li II; Work no. 251 (200 x 140) 1974
IV The Emperor
Safari; Work no. 305 (100 x 70) 1973-91
V The Hierophant
Chidher Grün; Work no. 275 (200 x 140) 1975

The Lovers - Meister und Margerita

The Chariot - Biomechanoid

Strength - Die Kraft

The Hermit - Samurai

The Wheel of Fortune - Hexentanz

Justice - Satan I

VI The Lovers
Meister und Margerita; Work no. 307 (100 x 70) 1976
VII The Chariot
Biomechanoid; Work no. 532 (100 x 70) 1983
VIII Strength
Die Kraft; Work no. 622 (100 x 70) 1992
IX The Hermit
Samurai; Work no. 295 (100 x 70) 1976
X The Wheel of Fortune
Hexentanz; Work no. 341 (200 x 140) 1977
XI Justice
Satan I; Work no. 324 (100 x 70) 1977
The Hanged Woman - Todgebärmaschine Death - Der Magus (The Magus) Alchemy - The 2nd Celebration The Devil - Baphomet The Tower - Biomechanoid III The Star - Katarakt
XII The Hanged Woman
Todgebärmaschine; Work no. 355 (200 x 140) 1977
XIII Death
Der Magus; Work no. 276 (200 x 140) 1975
XIV Alchemy
The 2nd Celebration; Work no. 344a (100 x 70) 1976
XV The Devil
Baphomet; Work no. 272 (200 x 140) 1975
XVI The Tower
Biomechanoid III; Work no. 255 (134 x 103) 1974
XVII The Star
Katarakt; Work no. 51 (100 x 70) 1977
The Moon - The Spell III The Sun - Passage XXXII Judgment - Vlad Tepes The Universe - Hyperspace II
XVIII The Moon
The Spell III (Teil); Work no. 320 (240 x 280) 1976
XIX The Sun
Passage XXXII; Work no. 235 (100 x 70) 1973
XX Judgment
Vlad Tepes; Work no. 412 (200 x 140) 1978
XI The Universe
Hyperspace II; Work no. 571 (100 x 70) 1985
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Giger Tarot Front Cover

The cards are foil stamped in silver and are truly magnificent for those individuals searching for something a little different. A poster-sized detail of a Giger painting is included, which serves as a layout board. Also Included is a book by Akron explaining his vision and interpretation of the "Baphomet Tarot". Click Here now to experience the Giger Tarot.

Giger Tarot Back Cover

The Giger Tarot has gone out of print! One of the few places to find it used is through these links!
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