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It is safe to assume that I am an avid Giger fan. However, I will not take the presumption of rewriting his biography. Instead, the following links to the Official Giger sites will provide what you seek. No source is better than the man himself. 

Giger Bio - Official Site [English]   [Deutsch]

The Official Website of H.R. Giger, with a biography in a chronological format.

Giger Bio - Official US Site

H.R. Giger's Official US Website, with a biography in story format.

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H.R. Giger Biography
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The Best Way to Discover the Life of H.R. Giger

is through his books. These collections provide a myriad of artwork to satiate your darkest desires. They provide insights into the shadows of Giger's mind and the depths of his life. If you ever wondered how Giger's biomechanical nightmares are transformed into the creatures, paintings, and torture-chamber furniture that you seek, his books are the only place to find out.
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