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H.R. Giger Album Covers - Korn's Jonathan Davis Microphone Stand
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What's All About?

The purpose of is to create a place where one can find Giger information, enjoyment, and all of H.R. Giger's commercially available works. The works presented here are offered in association with, in affiliation with , and in affiliation with The company with which each item is associated varies between individual items, but is limited to the three mentioned above. For completeness, I have provided links to both official H.R. Giger websites within this site. All of the images used in this site are taken from various posters, album covers, etc. that are all permissible to display under the various affiliate agreements. It is not my goal to "pirate" Giger's artwork. I strive only showcase it and make it accessible. Though I have taken all possible steps to be in compliance with copyright laws, if any copyrights have been unknowingly violated, please email me at so that the situation may be promptly and amicably resolved. 

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